Pitch us your venture fund.

We look to invest in top quartile funds with managers who want to engage in the Cincinnati ecosystem. If you’re raising a venture capital fund and see strategic value in Cincinnati and our unparalleled network of corporate LPs, we want to connect.

Investment Criteria


Financial Performance

At Cintrifuse Capital, we prioritize partnerships with venture capital funds that exhibit a proven track record of top quartile financial performance. We evaluate historical returns, risk management practices, and overall financial acumen of our partner funds. By aligning our investments with those that consistently outperform industry benchmarks, we aim to deliver exceptional returns to our limited partners. Cintrifuse Capital’s commitment to financial performance ensures that our portfolio funds have the financial strength to support groundbreaking startups and drive sustained growth in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.


Strategic Alignment

Cintrifuse Capital is dedicated to strategically investing in funds that align with the key assets of Cincinnati, with a preference for consumer goods, fintech, life sciences, and supply chain innovation. Our fund of funds strategy extends beyond financial returns to actively contribute to the economic development of our city. We seek partnerships with venture capital funds that share our vision for leveraging Cincinnati’s strengths, fostering innovation, and driving growth in these pivotal sectors.


Affinity for the Midwest

Rooted in Cincinnati, Cintrifuse Capital actively seeks venture capital funds that share our enthusiasm for and commitment to investing in the Midwest, specifically Cincinnati. We recognize the untapped potential of the region and strive to collaborate with funds that appreciate the unique opportunities presented by the Cincinnati ecosystem. Our focus on fostering strong partnerships with funds expressing a keen interest in Cincinnati investments is integral to our mission. By channeling capital into the region through our portfolio funds, we contribute to the growth of Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial landscape, supporting startups and driving innovation that positively impacts the entire region.

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