We invest directly into our region’s most promising startups.​

We focus on backing companies at the earliest stages and work hard to help drive transformational outcomes. 

Get to know our portfolio companies:​

Investment Criteria

We are currently making investments of $250K - $1M in Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A rounds of Cincinnati-based companies.


Innovative and Scalable Business Model

At Cintrifuse Capital, we seek startups with a unique value proposition and a scalable business model that addresses a significant market need. Our investment decisions are driven by the potential for innovation within the product or service, the scalability of the business model, and the size and growth potential of the target market. We aim to support startups that have the potential to grow rapidly and create transformational impacts within their industry and the broader economy.


Strong Founding Team with High Growth Potential

We invest in startups led by driven, highly capable founders with a clear vision and the ability to execute their business plan effectively. We look for teams with relevant industry experience, a track record of success, complementary skills, and a demonstrated ability to attract talent and build a cohesive team. The success of early-stage startups often hinges on the strength and resilience of their founding team, and we believe in partnering with founders who are not only innovative but also resourceful and dedicated to scaling their ventures.


Alignment with Cintrifuse Ecosystem and Strategic Value

Our investment strategy focuses on startups that can leverage and contribute to the Cintrifuse ecosystem, benefiting from and enhancing our network of corporate partners, investors, and mentors. We assess how well the startup aligns with the strategic interests of our corporate partners, the potential for synergies within our network, and the startup’s willingness to engage with and contribute to the broader ecosystem. By fostering strong connections between startups and our network, we aim to amplify their growth potential and drive regional economic development.


Commitment to Growing and Scaling in Cincinnati

Cintrifuse Capital prioritizes startups committed to growing and scaling their operations in the Cincinnati region. We look for companies that see the strategic advantages of being part of our vibrant startup ecosystem and are eager to contribute to its development. Our evaluation includes the startup’s plans for local engagement, job creation, and long-term presence in the region. By supporting startups dedicated to Cincinnati, we strive to strengthen the local economy, create job opportunities, and establish Cincinnati as a premier destination for high-growth startups.

We partner with our portfolio companies to help them grow.

At Cintrifuse Capital, we are more than just an investor; we are a true partner in your entrepreneurial journey. Our hands-on approach includes connecting founders with our vast network of investors and corporate partners, which opens doors to customers and follow-on investments. Beyond capital, we offer mentorship, strategic guidance, and access to talent, ensuring startups have the team and resources they need to thrive. 

Capital Raising Support

We unlock our Fund of Funds network to help founders raise from top-tier investors.

Access to Customers

We provide highly-relevant introductions to decision-makers at our corporate partners.

Talent Pipelines

We maintain a network of top-tier startup talent in the Cincinnati region to help our companies effectively scale up their teams at home.

Mentor Network

We connect our founders with highly relevant mentors and advisors to help them tackle key challenges.

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