We are catalyzing the Greater Cincinnati startup economy.

Our Philosophy

We are guided by a comprehensive direct investment and fund-of-funds strategy that improves outcomes for Cincinnati startups.

Cincinnati startups often face significant funding challenges compared to their coastal counterparts, requiring them to demonstrate more data and customer traction while operating with less capital. These constraints can hinder our local companies’ ability to achieve true venture-scale outcomes. Cintrifuse Capital provides critical early-stage venture capital, and leverages a network of funds throughout the country, cultivated over more than a decade of Fund-of-funds investing, to help local startups raise more impactful venture rounds.

Direct Investment

We back local startups with the potential for venture-scale success at the earlier stages. We provide capital and access to a wide-range of support services, including an extensive network of top-tier talent, a rolodex of capital providers, and access to high-potential enterprise customers.

Focus Areas

Technology, Software (Enterprise & Consumer), Consumer Brands


Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

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Our Fund of Funds strategy focuses on venture capital managers with a goal of driving returns, exposing top-tier venture investors to the exciting startups scaling in Cincinnati, and connecting our corporate investors with bleeding-edge thinkers and innovators. Our approach has led to investments in experienced Venture Capital fund managers with access to the national investment community, as well as direct access from Cintrifuse Capital to hundreds of venture firms that can provide capital to promising local Cincinnati startups.
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Our approach

Cintrifuse Capital leverages the comprehensive resources and programming of Cintrifuse and our active network of investors and corporate partners to create more opportunities for Cincinnati startups to access our early-stage funding and support.

By nurturing high-potential startups, Cintrifuse fuels ecosystem growth and success. Cintrifuse Capital enhances these efforts with strategic investments, providing startups with crucial capital, mentorship, and support. Our active network of investors and corporate partners through our Fund of Funds opens doors for securing customers and follow-on investments. This synergistic approach accelerates innovation and economic prosperity, creating a cycle of empowerment that supports startup growth in Cincinnati.

Cintrifuse Capital backs Cincinnati’s most promising, early-stage startups and invests in national venture funds to drive capital into our region and create a robust startup ecosystem.

At Cintrifuse Capital, we’re leading with a people-first approach. By strategically investing in top national venture funds, we channel innovation and investment into our region. Our support for local startups goes beyond capital; it’s about nurturing dreams and empowering entrepreneurs. Through initiatives fostering venture-scale growth and targeted acceleration programs, we’re not just driving economic growth; we’re creating opportunities and a vibrant entrepreneurial community in the Cincinnati region.

Cintrifuse Capital backs high-potential local startups, invests in top venture capital funds, and helps launch venture scalable-companies.

Direct Investment

$250-500k Investments into Pre-Seed, Seed, & Series A rounds

Fund of Funds Investing

Top-venture Capital Funds Investment & Active Network

Portfolio Company Support

Capital Raising Support, Talent Pipeline, & Customer Access

Cintrifuse is a non-profit entrepreneur support organization that works to increase the velocity of venture-backable startup creation and help set companies up for success.

Cintrifuse supports venture-scalable startups with programming, resources, and a vibrant community, helping founders refine their businesses and increase their chances of success. Through impactful programming and access to professional services, startups not only gain essential tools but also achieve venture-scale success and drive industry change.
Cintrifuse provides access to targeted professional services, resources, and programming that transform the trajectory of high-potential startups, empowering them to achieve venture-scale success.

Open Monthly Programming

Events, Upskilling, & Networking Opportunities

Application-based Programming

Venture Velocity Program, Labs, Founders in Residence

Resources & Support

Targeted one-on-one Support, Union Hall, Professional Services

StartupCincy is a coalition of entrepreneur support organizations that inspires entrepreneurship at all stages and works to expand our pipeline through inclusive support.

Through collaboration with other entrepreneurial support organizations, we unite behind accessible resources and an inclusive ethos. Our aim is to inspire and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore entrepreneurial pathways and help those in the ideation stage find the resources to grow their business.

StartupCincy provides opportunities for pivotal connections, high-quality resources, and intentional storytelling to build a robust startup economy for our entire region.

Events & Programming

StartupCincy Week, Ecosystem wide calendar of events

Digital Startup Amplification

Cincinnati Dealroom Ecosystem, Startup Stories library

Resources & Knowledge Sharing

Resource Compass, Morrow

I’m thrilled about Cintrifuse Capital’s commitment to Cincinnati startups. It’s groundbreaking to see a local venture capital firm funded by our corporations, supporting local startups. I foresee other cities looking to Cincinnati as a role model for this innovative approach.
Founder & CEO,

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